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Welcome to the official website of Valerie Kingsmill, artist, painter, and and creator of illustrated books for young children. Here you can view some of Valerie's paintings, sketches and books, as well as see some of the Kingsmill family's art collection which includes works by the late Ernest Fosbery and the late Alice Stevenson-Kingsmill.



Oil, on canvas, 2020.
18" x 24"




Oil, on Canvas, 2020

Valerie Kingsmill

Valerie was born in Kent, England during the Second World War, where she lived in a mostly rural area until her family emigrated to Australia when she was twelve. She spent her teen years near the beaches outside Sidney, then later lived in Melbourne until 1973 when she took a vacation in Canada. Valerie fell in love with that country, and has lived there ever since, mostly on the Canadian prairies.

Valerie and her Canadian family have spent more than 30 years near Redberry Lake, northwest of Saskatoon. The author has been a restauranteur (Emmett's Tea Rooms) and – with her husband Peter – was the owner of the Shearwater riverboats which have worked the river in Saskatoon since 1996. In 2012, she retired from the business and returned to her early passion: painting and writing about the prairies, Redberry Lake, and the creatures (real and imagined) who live there. Valerie works mostly in oil, but has done a number of pieces in pen and ink. She is also the author and illustrator of the Redberry Tales series of story books for young children.